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385 x 40 Mpx. Luca Marenzio but w i d e, filtered and reversed

for flute solo [w/ circular breathing]  

3' 30"  

In June 2020 the new category of  w i d t h (always in frame) emerged to dominate the proportions of many contemporary online artefacts. The inspiration for the first (?) e x t e n s i o n was an Italo Disco Song for Denise (Maxi Version) (1985).

In 385 × 40 Mpx that piece becomes the ”receptacle” of extension. The rising chromatic sequence from Solo e pensoso is ”filtered” in the piece through the layers of Song for Denise, which focuses the image of the Renaissance madrigal in contemporary times (i.e. June 2020) like a lens. Circulation continues: the focused falling chromatic progressions from Song for Denise (reversed Luca Marenzio) e x  p  a  n  d   e  d  i  n      t   i   m     e     again.

Zrzut ekranu 2021-07-12 o 22.42.34.png

composed for 

Flute Infinity – Circular Breathing

book by

Natalia Jarząbek and Barbara Świątek-Żelazna

Infinity Project      385 × 40 Mpx


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